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First Name (Optional) :   hello my name is:
Comment :   i met rachel in the 3rd grade she was on my bus and i decided to sit with her one day and we talked and told jokes. we just started to get to no eachother but then she left us

First Name (Optional) :   
Comment :   i was in rachels grade and neighborhood and we were starting to become friends but then she passed away

First Name (Optional) :   Kelsey
Comment :   Rachel and I met in preschool and she was my best friend ever since. She was a great friend and I miss her and her big bright smile.

First Name (Optional) :   Hannah
Comment :   We miss you Rachel! your always in our heart! Wish you were here. I still have your hello kitty blanket and i got a Dizzy for Christmas 03. you were the best!!! Happy Birthday!

First Name (Optional) :   Amanda
Comment :   I loved Rachel very much so! I miss her a lot. She was the best person i would and did ever know! She is in a great place now and i bet she is making many new friends! Love you all of Rachels family, Mom, Dad, and brother
First Name (Optional): Corey
Comment: I met Bob at the NHIS Race. I lost my daughter in a car accident and we spoke of this organization. What a great organization. What a great way to remember Rachel.

First Name (Optional): emma
Comment: Rchel was my best friend in second grade.She knew how to brighten up a room and make evryone smile. I miss her deeply .

First Name (Optional) : Mindy
Comment : I heard you speaking on 92 pro fm. So i had to vistit your web sight. I am so sorry for your lose. I hope someday there will be a cure for cancer.

First Name (Optional) : jessica
Comment : I heard the story today on 92 and it made me cry. i am pround that i help . i am glad i made a diffence able to help.

First Name (Optional) : Richard
Comment : This website is awsome it tells everything about Rachels life with cancer! Good job! How do we get wrist bands.?

First Name (Optional) : nick and john from your baseball team
Comment : Hey Alex, we really like this website and we are so sorry to hear about your sister. We are sure Rachel was a wonderful person and fun to be around, from what we read on the website. You must be a pretty strong kid to live with that. God bless everyone in

First Name (Optional) : Sarah
Comment : hi i used to go to Hyman Fine Elementary School, its a great school so i know that this is something they would do! they care about the children in which are in the school. right now my brother is going there and a know that this most be hard for the st

First Name (Optional) : sarah
Comment : i have a wristband & i dont take it off!

First Name (Optional) : Sarah
Comment : 

First Name (Optional) : Sarah
Comment : 

First Name (Optional) : Rachael
Comment : I hardly knew Rachael, but I was in her class for reading in the 2nd grade, and she was very intelligant. She was in my 3rd grade class for the first couple of days of school. I had gotten her some things (hello kitty toy, markers, coloring book) and I wa

First Name (Optional) : LORI
Comment : 

First Name (Optional) : 
Comment : I have a Rachels Room wristnand and i never take it off. I will never forget my one and only hero. Rachel i love you and i miss you so much. You will always be my hero. Rachel you will always be somewhere over the Rainbow.

First Name (Optional) : taylor (again)
Comment : i neva knew her but i bet she was a very strong girl and she had a great dream or bcommin an artist i have a wrist band and i neva take it off! god bless

First Name (Optional) : taylor
Comment : i love how u guyz did all this 4 her, i bet she apperciates it up their. Alex im here if u eva wanna talk.

First Name (Optional) : Alex
Comment : When i went to Kellas Halloween party I met Rachel. I could just see that Rachel was a very strong little girl. I think this wedsite is great it helped me learn more about her.

First Name (Optional) : Sara Nelson
Comment : I love this site, I also have a wrist band. I think its great how you put them together and this site too.

First Name (Optional) : Meg
Comment : A terrific Website in memory of a wonderful little girl. Always in our hearts! Always! I would like a wristband how can we order them!

First Name (Optional) : Lauren
Comment : I think this is GREAT!!!

First Name (Optional) : alex
Comment : this is awesome

First Name (Optional) : Jessica Seavey
Comment : Bobby, Betsy, Alex- The site is beautiful..I wear my Rachels Room Wristband every day and I love to explain what it means to people. Keep up the great work. Love, Jessica

First Name (Optional) : taylor
Comment : great website

First Name (Optional) : Katie
Comment : Beautiful site, in memory of a beautiful girl and person.

First Name (Optional) : kelsey
Comment : i never knew you but i know your brother and he loves you. i think that you were probally a great person.

First Name (Optional) : Kim
Comment : Great job guys!!!! The website is really cool!

First Name (Optional) : juliana
Comment : i like the room. i met rachel at the relay for life survivor walk. she was very brave

First Name (Optional) : alyssa
Comment : hey this is alyssa, kellas friend from basketball. i think this a grat site to always remember rachel by. i never knew rachel, but i believe she was a strong little girl. god bless, alyssa

First Name (Optional) : 
Comment : this is a great site for such a smart little girl. Plus, i knew her she always tried to make everyone else happy and think of herself last. And i love Rachels Room. And i think everyone should have a Rachels Room Wristband!!

First Name (Optional) : a Lusketeers mom
Comment : As a mother of one of Rachels classmates, I think this site is a wonderful way for my son to remember Rachel and the friendship that he had with her that he will never forget.

First Name (Optional) : Uncle Paul & Aunt Eileen
Comment : A beautiful site for a beautiful little angel.

First Name (Optional) : Kerry
Comment : I love it!! Great job!!

First Name (Optional) : jason
Comment : hi alex this is jason how are you i like this web site got to go bye your cus jason seavey

First Name (Optional) : 
Comment : You are a great inspiration for all of us!You have made such a positive from such a negative. I want to wish you all the best in life!!

First Name (Optional) : davidtrima
Comment : i know that gramma branagan is walking around in heaven with rachel.

First Name (Optional) : Justin
Comment : 

First Name (Optional) : Krystal
Comment : Bob, Betsy & Alex----Saw the article about the wristbands--GREAT idea! Miss seeing you drive by while I walk. Think of you and Rachel often.

First Name (Optional) : Kristine
Comment : Boy - it seems like yesterday that Rachel would check into school late after one of her many doctor appointments. She new the drill well! I miss her smiling face. This site is a great way to keep her memory alive and also help raise money for educational

First Name (Optional) : 
Comment : miss ya!!!

First Name (Optional) : Shelby
Comment : I think that this is a great site.This is a great way to show that you really care for your friend or family.

First Name (Optional) : Jennifer
Comment : Rachel was a wonderful girl. I remember when I was at Hyman Fine she loved to draw horses. She was really good at it, too. Ill miss her.

First Name (Optional) : Kayce
Comment : Rachels Room is the best!!! Its a great place for a great little girl. I cant wait until the golf tournament! Rachel you will always and forver will be in my heart! Kayce

First Name (Optional) : Stef
Comment : Rachels Room is the BEST! Love the bracelets! -STEF

First Name (Optional) : Stefanie
Comment : I think that Rachels Room is a great organization. Im sure Rachel was a wonderful girl and I am sorry for your loss.

First Name (Optional) : 
Comment : super job!

First Name (Optional) : 
Comment : super job!

First Name (Optional) : Annie
Comment : Great site you guys! Ill be going to the golf tournament for sure!! ~Annie

First Name (Optional) : Ethan
Comment : great job guys! -E

First Name (Optional) : Emily
Comment : Great site! hope to see ya at the golf tournament! ~Em

First Name (Optional) : Ashley
Comment : Love this site! Its a great way to earn money for those in a battle with cancer. Great Job guys! :0)

First Name (Optional) : Uncle Johnny
Comment : Love the site. looking forward to the golf Outing this fall.

First Name (Optional) : Kella
Comment : Rachels Room rocks!!!They even have the Rachels Room braclets!!! Love, Kella

First Name (Optional) : Webmaster
Comment : Welcome to our new guestbook. We hope you enjoyed this site and will leave us a note!

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